You have goodies to sell? Yes, we buy.
Best way to get in touch with your treasures is to send pics (& any pricing you have in mind if you do) through Facebook messenger, Instagram or send over an email. Shop can get busy so sending pics is best case & many things I may not be in need of at the moment so it gives me time to respond. 

If the item isn’t something I’m looking for or the price isn’t something I can work with, please do not take offense. I’m just not your huckleberry. There are many places to sell individual items or donate throughout the area. Tons of contacts in the estate sale business as well. If you need tips, absolutely ask.

Consignment? Not at this time. 
For now I am buying outright. Not only is this a one and done transaction for you & the shop but it also allows me to edit the types of styles I’m looking to curate. Again happy to give you names of other area shops if consignment is your preference.

What styles & eras are you interested in?
Jade & Ginger is mainly focused on 1940s to 1980s but definitely no era is off limits on global or crazy interesting pieces ::
/  Midcentury modern
/  Postmodern/Art Deco Revival
/  Maximalist
/  Hollywood regency
/  Boho
/  Global influence - Native American, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Asian, Scandinavian
... and of course all the brass & high quality Pyrex/vintage kitchen I can get my hands on

Where did the name Jade & Ginger come from?
To many’s confusion, my name isn't Jade nor Ginger :) The shop name came from a take on two colors - rich greens & spicy oranges - that are paramount to my interior design style & the era I love most. As a former Creative Director in advertising everything starts with color for me!

Where do you find all this?!
My answer is always - anywhere and everywhere. Probably all the places you already can think of except I’m hyper obsessively scouring weekly/daily/hourly (eek sometimes for real). Driving all over & on my phone what feels like always. And yes, there are some honey holes I go back to time & time again for their latest gems.

How did this hobby start?
We bought a 1980s farmhouse in the country & it quickly became our possibly forever home but man the place just didn't have structural character. We owned a 1890s Victorian previously that was beautifully charming & the new one was really just a shell. I quickly found myself hitting estate sales & thrifts on my lunch breaks & curating finds from all over to give our house some interest. My husband is a busy bee with work & taking care of our 3 kids & 7 acres on the weekends & it was apparent that elaborate home remodels take insane amounts of time & money. Adding decorative appeal became easy for me to do all on my own!

Why did you start the business?
When I realized I was finding more treasures than needed for my own home I started selling in some fabulous vintage shops in the area & then soon after, online. I was selling as a hobby while working a corporate job & mom’ing. The stores were awesome but I was picking up so much fun & bold finds that were often pretty eccentric for the shops' core customers… I had serious ants in my pants to make my own path & find my people. Online is a lovely avenue too but the staging & immersion of a physical store is really what makes my passion tick. And dang I underestimated the one on one connection of being with customers. It is what I desperately needed. Booths & online just can't compare to human connection - curating, connecting, helping & telling stories.

Have other questions? Shoot them over! I'm always up for what’s on your mind.
Great to hear from you! We'll get back to you asap.
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